Saturday, July 2, 2016

On This July 2,2016, I Feel Confused But Hopeful!
Such recent events inspired me to write today:
  • AG Loretta Lynch met secretly with Bill Clinton in Arizona but claims the meeting was fortuitous.
  • AG Loretta Lynch vowed she will follow the FBI recommendations on Hillary’s emails.
  • Transgender individuals are officially accepted into the US Military.
  • The US Military has made an agreement with Russia to destroy ISIS and help Syrian President Bashar Assad.
  • Obama assures USA that ISIS is being destroyed on the ground.
  • ISIS activities have increased in Turkey, Europe and the Middle East.
  • Orlando shootings are described in detail without evidence of dead bodies, blood,or any carnage? In contrast, watch the recent attack on Ataturk Airport,Turkey.
What is wrong with this picture?

Everything and nothing.
Our country has finally entered Rod Serling’s “Twilight Zone”. Reality has been supplanted by bizarre, trivial events that seem to have the same impact as major cataclysms.
Obama has accomplished what no other CIA operative has been able to do: continue a running narrative without any points in reality.
While hundreds of innocent travelers were slaughtered in Ataturk airport, Obama declared “The Stonewall Inn”, a gay bar in Greenwich Village, a U.S. National Monument.

  About the same time, Obama and Kerry were completely perplexed by the implications of Brexit. Despite the fact that they have access to over 16 different intelligence services at a cost of trillions of taxpayer dollars, neither one of the two understood what Brexit or the fall of EU would mean for the USA.
I must admit that at one point in this past week, I was at my wit’s end to make sense of a WH/USG that had no clue as to what was happening in this country regarding our own domestic welfare and national security.This mulatto entourage of presumed leaders, Obama, Loretta Lynch and others, have proven to be inept,ignorant and maladroit.
I am trying to be polite.
Yet, when a gay bar carries the same gravitas as the unravelling of the EU, then reality has descended into the world of the Mad Hatter. When transgender identity is as important as the lack of overseas military strategy, then we have lost a military for which many of us had fought for and in. Obama has literally transformed American reality into a ethereal gauze of self-referential concerns that allowed him to ascend the presidency.
By now, it should be obvious to most Americans that Obama has been a closeted gay man since his adolescence and refuses to admit what is quite apparent in his actions.That he is gay does not bother me.That he has had to lie on almost everything that he has done borders on becoming an American Tragedy.
Obama is both incompetent and quite disturbed.That is the conclusion one must come to after the endless series of false flags, lies, and deceptions.Obama/CIA has allowed/forced the DOJ, Secret Service, MI, and other branches of our USG to collude with their deceptions; to me that borders on treason and tyranny. 
Obama’s handpicked his Senatorial colleagues—Biden, Kerry—both of whom have performed a great disservice to our country for having sought their personal political gain over the welfare of the state.As for our military, it has been castrated from the very top down to the very lowest non-com soldier. We have become a cartoon of our wishful self, repeating meaningless words of allegiance to a Republic which has no concern for its people.

I can say of our newly self-anointed tyrant that he is like Julius Caesar a queen to all men; and a man to all queens [male primarily].
Hail to the waning Caesar! 
As for me, I will retire to my commentaries and seek some respite from his contrived absurdities.
In the meanwhile I will quote from Juvenal, “Tenth Satire,” Ii.78-82:
“Long since, because we can sell our votes to no one, 
We have thrown off our cares; those who once bestowed
Rule, the fasces, legions, everything, now refrain,
And hunger for only two things;

Bread and circus.”  


  1. When we in Europe say that Americans are stupid. Yes, we are right, but there is no need to get insulted, because i will now explain why that is 100% true.

    1. Americans have for everything in their life solution which can be bought by $.
    And everything is solved by $. Especially in service sector. For instance USA have i think 3 times larger number of different jobs people do, then Europe as whole have.
    That is because USA is unified consumer market.

    In Europe such jobs are mostly proclaimed to be perversion and in Russia people are too drunk to listen.

    Now it is time for USA to think how to get something without using $... :)

    1. How to get something without using $...?

      Take it away from someone else, of course.

      Or better yet, have the government use force to take it away from other people and give it to others...

      You know, the opposite of capitalism many nations tried in the 20th century which led to the deaths of tens of millions of people.

      It will surely work if you just find a way to do it correctly...

      (And you say Americans are the idiots....)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. You get something by looking in to peoples needs. And then they will give you something in return. You do not get something by looking how much someone have money... Gee
      It does not work.

    4. Especially if you are owner of priniting press which produce that same money...

    5. It's the only system we've found that works so far.

      I'm done with your simplistic idiocy.

    6. You want it more simple...
      It is even better...
      Material class structure (given power) inside US society, does not represent sturcture for any kind of economic growth. It is failed, it is costly, it does not cocincede with needs of society to survive and sustain it self economically.
      Drug dealer have money, worker does not. You are done.

    7. I thought you were decrying a hopelessly corrupt consumer society obsessed with money to obtain things they don't really need...? (I hate stupid people.)

    8. no, I support consumerism, it just needs to be democractically decided by those are consumers what they are going to see on shelves (on internet)... consumer is king, and if you introduce limited needs for everyone like you have in obamacare (you cannot buy two policies in obamacare and other one sell later, meaning obamacare from cosumer side is typial socialism), then you solved problem... then consumers will vote do they want to order car from workeing owned and operated factory or private)... alsoe credits from workers owned (one worker one vote) on line banks, depending to preoders will give credit to those worker owned producers who are going to fullfill those needs...
      of course that consumers are going to decide which only car they want to have next five years... so imagine rolly royce wraight going in 20 M pices every year for 20,000$

    9. capitalism is past tense, and that computer will have be controlled by military of course, some general who will not allow capitalists to privatise that consmer chain and brake it in to 1000s little private chains, like it is now... of course only government would be allowed to promote and own that chain... bye bye captialists, you are not economical

    10. i invented that, it is patented

    11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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  2. I don't think it's incompetence.

    An Analogy: Let's say I buy the Yankees. I hire a GM who will do what I say. Then, I start trading all my All-Stars for bench players off other teams. What former starters I don't trade, I send down to the AAA or release and bring up any quality of player from AA...

    Is that incompetence as an owner ---- if I'd always said --- how much I hate baseball and baseball players...?

    Obama ran on a slogan of Hope and Change.

    His wife told the world in the first campaign - she'd never been proud of her country before - meaning she's always despised it - until now: because she was seeing in the support of her America-hating husband the idea that most of people in the country must want the changes the Obamas want.

    We need to go back to Rev Wright's infamous God Dang America! sermon...

    Knowing that is the Obama's mantra too --- how can we say he's been incompetent...?

    He announced early on he wanted a civilian national security force because he was tired of so much of America favoring the military.

    He's leaving office by trying to do as much damage to the military as he can.

    That's not incompetence.

    That is a man working hard to achieve goals...

    1. Incompetence would be trying to destroy the Yankees by pulling off trades and signing free agents that greatly lowers your budget while adding future Hall of Famers at each position....

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. America has invented virtually every form of mass production (to serve others) on planet earth. Invention, hard work, and the entreprenurial spirit are ingredients woven into the fabric of US culture.

    Those tens of millions who work tirelessly keeping the dream alive are not celebrated, nor showcased in any way for overseas critics like yourself to witness. In other words, you have no basis, nor evidence to support your empty rhetoric.

    Your moronic opinions bear zero relevance on the subject of American prosperity simply because the best you could ever do in the US is work in a carwash, or possibly drive a taxicab.

    1. Above was written for ChiaTard.

    2. Capitalism can work when there are people who needs stuff you produce, if that stuff is shit (meaning you do not need it) no one needs capitalism...

      Automobile was invented 140 years ago. Steam engine 200 years ago. That is past tense.

      Who needs that stuff. Also why you should buy something which is priced by capitalist, it is over priced because capitalist need profit to survive as capitalist, therefore that thing is priced, that is why it does not belong on market, meaning it is forcefully on market by power of money and military they (captialsits) have.

      Yes while Indians needed fire water, and rifles, while Europe needed furs, it was easy. Because ratio was 10:1.

      Capitalism can work only by creating wars. That is only real economical cateogry in capitalism. You must made me to buy your old medical equipment you overproduced, you think i would buy it for price you ask if there is no war behind my back?
      Do not be funny.

    3. The Orlando shooting was real Dr.P. There were numerous reporters on the scene who saw wounded and dead carried away, and they filmed it. I've seen the film. Reporters were at the hospitals and saw the wounded and dead. They reported on all of it.
      One wonders why you are making these absurd claims? You also assert with no evidence that there were no victims in the Sandy Hook shootings. There clearly were.

      As for myself my break with government was unmistakable. I resigned from further work with Case Officers and thereafter I never had a positive thing to say about the US military or intl agencies. Unlike yourself I never refer to "our brave soldiers" or "our galant warriors" or anything of the kind. My break was clean, but was yours?
      Oh actually you never broke from government work. You continue to praise your government troll colleagues such as Larry Eagleberger and such.
      So what gives?
      You are functioning to discredit critics of the government, and those who question the government line on 9-11 and a lot of other things.
      You are a lot like your friend Alex Jones in that Department. No one does more to discredit 9-11 Truth or other similar causes than Jones. No one does more to portray conspiracy theorists as unbalanced and unreasonable than Jones. But you are doing the exact thing. You criticize government false flags such as 9-11 and the Kennedy assassination and the USS Liberty and such...
      But then you destroy your credibility on any of these issues by absurdly claiming that there were no bodies at the hospitals in Orlando or Sandy Hook when dozens of reporters and hospital staff saw them there!
      So what gives?
      I don't know what your game is, but your function is to discredit all conspiracy theorists.
      And the fact that you remain connected and in the good graces of the government is highly say the least.

    4. Another one functioning this way is Jim Fetzer. He is fond of giving long, comprehensive presentations about every detail of the Kennedy assassination. He usually includes every detail or claim made by every person claiming to be involved with it, whether they've been discredited as cranks or not.
      And then just as his audience is convinced of the merit of these arguments they discover that....
      He also proclaims that the NASA Moon landings were faked! Oh yes, all those thousands of employees at NASA were all a part of a conspiracy to fool the public that Americans walked on the moon when in reality it was all a fraud shot on a stage by Director Stanley Kubrick!
      Oh yes and then we all forget everything he ever said about the Kennedy matter.

      That's how it works.

      With crafty disinformation agents.

    5. And on another topic please refer to my posts here and elsewhere years ago when I predicted that the military's acceptance of homosexuals would lead in short order to acceptance of cross dressers and transsexuals.
      It was humourous at the time but I clearly saw it would happen and now it has.
      But then in the 1970s the military accepted Satanists as practicing a valid religion.
      So there you have it.
      We have a military of Satanic Cross Dressers.
      It's no wonder we cannot defeat ISIS.

    6. In Cuba hotel owners from outside have learned that it's difficult if not impossible to renovate any of the hotels, much less build new ones.
      The reason is because there are no building trades in Cuba.
      Under the communists there has been no construction...none.
      The communists have constructed nothing, and no one has learned how to build anything.

    7. So, your break went to another irrational extreme. In your mind, to give credit to anyone serving in those institutions is blasphemy... You chose - Hate the Institution? Then hate them all...

      I likely agree with you on Sandy Hook and Orlando - if we focus on specific claims made. I'm irritated at the common comments on the conspiracy theory forums, because it would seem beyond easy to confirm if the whole thing was fake and involved crisis actors.
      How hard would it be to call down to local hospitals, morgues, funeral homes, police stations, newspapers and ask a few questions of people working that night and follow days? How hard would it be to locate names of reported victims and track down addresses and call neighbors or family to check if they are dead or ever existed?

      In short, it would seem easy to prove an event like that were faked.

      I don't automatically belief or disbelieve anything. I'm stubborn. But if someone wants me to believe Orlando didn't happen at all, it shouldn't take long to gather the evidence to convince me...

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. you obviously does not understand capitalist system, in capitalism people who do not own capital are not going to investigate was that fake or not, they have to work or they are addicts and have to work. They do not have time nor will. And capitalist will not go investigate something which will put them self as class in to peril.
      People in socialism thought that system knows or understands and that everything is known what is needed to be known.
      No it is not like that.

      Unless someone really investigate it.
      This my genial idea, where you order on one place only, 20M ferraris (one per person, or two ih he is vietnam hero for instance), is so simple, but that idea cannot exist because system is not there for such idea to be...
      Meaning those shootings could be false. And if they really happened, communication channel is so overwhelmed by fake obama synthetic tears that it really does not matter.
      In that moment i am thinking only how i would make of Obama real victim.

    10. Even one specialist told me that my genial invention could be used by some very greedy american megabank to earn mucho mucho money.
      And on that i proposed that those ferraris should be free, meaning not for money.
      And i was informed that, that could also work also, because tell me honostly would you rather be part of story where you produce cars somone needs and sell them for free, or you would clean toilets, sell that service, and et end have less resources while beeing without ferrari.
      Of course one who first give free cars, that would be like declaring war, and even occupied germany would start thinking is there something to hit USA.
      Hey, free stuff you destory every rival economy.

    11. The Cubans construct 57 Chevy's out of bastardized car parts MIT. And cigars.

      BTW looking at some old posts, and changing subjects, head and neck cancers dramatically on the rise due to HPV, Human Papilloma Virus transmission from oral sex. More partners, the greater the risk.

    12. All of these events play out in an odd way be it Sandy Hook, Boston or Orlando. Try google images for 'Ambulances at Orlando' see what you get. In this country you are not allowed to move victims who are injured, whats with carrying them up the street past the place where they were shot! When chaps like Pieczenik, Steele, Craig Roberts and Halbig question these events, there must be good reason. Hook and Boston are as phoney as a 9$ note. Orlando is confusing because it would be difficult to fake the casualties, but something is not right here.

  5. I don't know why my items keep double posting.

    1. You just see it double, because when you bow to my intelect and genius, you always hit and hurt your head... That is reason.

    2. You such a Croatian idiot with the lowest in the world self esteem. Nobody wants you in this world and never will.

    3. We now on facebook group (we commies from party and crowd around) are joking with this socialist memme from USA: America land of free where you can live any life you want. Weird how people mostly choose to work low paying, demeaning jobs, though...

  6. No one was shot until after 5 AM in Orlando when the police swat team arrived per Judge Napolitano ... and of course Lynch told FBI not to allow release of Mateen's 911 call. Both odd, correct & at odds with what we have been told by media???

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